• CLAY AWAY kit - CLAY
  • CLAY AWAY kit - CLAY
  • CLAY AWAY kit - CLAY
  • CLAY AWAY kit - CLAY


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Clay Club from your own home!!

How does it work?

'remote' version of Clay Club called Clay Away, so that if you would like to carry on with making your projects you are able to. It will be priced just like Clay Club and you will end up with the same results.

Get the kit you need, get making at home and return everything to the studio in your own time for firing in the kiln.

Clay + Firing Kit : cost £15

For those of you who want to work on your projects with all things you have at home

  • 1kg blob of your choice of clay - Terracotta / White / or Peach

  • Firing of your items when you return them to the studio

  • I will also include a print out of some info on how to work with your clay

Tool kit to keep : cost £10

A handy tool kit for those of you who don’t have any equipment at home. This Kit is yours to keep foreveeerr!

  • Wooden base board

  • Piece of fabric for you to work on

  • 2 clay tools

  • A set of slab guides for rolling out

  • A rolling pin

  • Plastic knife and cocktail sticks

Clay does not go off as long as it is sealed into its plastic bag, so you don’t need to use your clay as soon as you get home. You can also leave your clay to dry for weeks before you need to fire it.