Paint your own pottery at home - Basic mug kit

Paint your own pottery at home - Basic mug kit

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Paint your own pottery at home!

How does it work?

Order your kit, paint your pottery at home and post everything back to us at the studio in your own time for firing. Your kit includes:

- A blank piece of pottery for you to paint

- Bottles of underglaze paints in red, orange, yellow, green, blue + black

- 2 paintbrushes

- A bottle of transparent top coat

- A felt tip for you to sketch out your idea onto your pottery

- Firing of your item when it comes back to the studio

- The price includes initially posting the items out to you for painting + your postage back out to you once it has been fired, but you will need to cover the cost of posting your painted items back to the studio so that we can fire them (this should cost £3.10 second class post)

- Instructions on how to use your kit and post it back to us

Trylla accepts no responsibility for any damage that occurs to your items while they are in transit by post. Please make sure that you wrap your items upon in several layers of bubble wrap when sending them back to us for firing. You should also pack paper tightly around your items in the box so that when you close the box and shake it you cannot hear the pottery moving around inside.