3 snap bars in each box with a combined burn time of approx 50 hrs

Same rainbow collection¬†ūüĆą made fromPlant based wax¬†¬†ūüĆĪ¬†

Choose your colour/scent - Snap a piece off your padg melt bar, put some tunes on and chillax :)

But what is a padg melt?!

padg melts or wax melts, are basically mini scented pieces of wax without the wick. They are melted using a "warmer" or "melter" to release the amazing fragrance. Padg melts are perfect if you are unsure which of our scents to get straight away as they come in smaller pieces.

Each box contains a seed paper. This seed paper is pretty special, as it's hand made using recycled paper. You'll find British wild flower seeds embedded within it, it's pretty nifty if you ask us! The seeds LOVE warm sunlight, ideally inside on a window sill. Make sure you keep the paper nice and moist, it will slowly disintegrate and the seeds will start to germinate wahoo!  - They are best planted in the summer but will last for over 2 years if kept dry. So if you want, you can save them for next years season :)

The mix of flower seeds include - Musk Mallow, Ox-eye Daisy, Red Campion and Selfheal all perfect flowers for pollinators.