• Rent the use of the studio's wheel by the hour
  • Rent the use of the studio's wheel by the hour

Rent the use of the studio's wheel by the hour

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Pay by the hour to use the studio’s RK-5T SHIMPO table top wheel. Tuition is not included in this session.

Tuition is not included in this session so you will need to know how to use the wheel already.

This is a table top wheel and so can be moved closer or further away from you as you work to suit your needs. It is electric, and uses a lever to adjust the speed - making it much easier to use than a wheel that has a foot pedal. The wheel also benefits from removable batts, so you won’t accidentally warp your thrown pots as you slide them off of the wheel head. It is ideal for throwing small to medium pots but may struggle if you are throwing 4kgs or more.

It costs £10 an hour to use the wheel and this doesn't include your time for cleaning everything down afterwards. 

Some things to mention about renting the wheel: 

  • You will be shown how to switch the wheel on, remove the splash pan for cleaning, adjust the speed and the direction the wheel head spins in.

  • Where possible you are welcome to store your pottery at the studio while it dries, but at peak times when the studio is full of pottery you may be asked to take your pots away with you - so bring a box just in case.

  • You will have the use of all the studio tools, wheel batts or whatever else you might need but feel free to bring your own along too.

  • You will you need to leave the wheel, bats, tools and splash pan completely clean after use.

  • You are required to cover the cost of any damage caused to the equipment that occurs while you are using it. This includes the wheel, splash pan, and any tools or wheel bats you might use .

Please note: You will need to provide your own clay to use on the wheel. You can either bring it along to the studio with you or buy it directly in store from the wide variety of clays stocked at Trylla. You will also need to cover the cost of firing any items you may want to put into the kiln after. You can find more info on that HERE

You will need to arrange a time directly with us to come in and use it, during normal opening times and at a time when there are no classes happening. Use the form below to ask about availability.