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Absolutely, the price shown covers the cost of all of your materials and firing fees.

The ony exception to this is if you would like to create a really large piece of work at a session, we may ask for a donation of a few pounds to cover the extra firing cost to us.

You are able to cancel or rearrange the date of your booking up to 1 week before the date of the booking. You can do this by logging into your profile on Yuup and selecting another date from the ones we have avaliable on our callender. If you have trouble with this please feel free to contact us for help.

If you are outside of the terms and conditions stated - eg. less than a week to go before the date of your booking - we will always try to resell your ticket for you via social media channels. If we are able to resell your ticket we will gladly rearrange your session for you. If however we are not able to resell it at such short notice we cannot cancel or rearrange your booking unfortunately.

We have this measure in place to ensure that we can continue to run the classes - as in a few instances we have had 6+ no shows to a single class and still had to run it due to cancellations being so last minute. I hope you can imagine that especially with the current climate, this is not an ideal situation for us, but we wouldn't be able to run the classes anymore without the new terms we have in place.

We are, after all a community based studio and so the cost of our sessions is kept as cheap as possible to give accessability to facilities at an affordable cost to you - this means we have to run our classes at full numbers in order to continue running, especially with energy prices being expected to rise dramaticly!

When we first opened 5 years ago we offered children's workshops but didn't get much of a take up on them and so our focus is now adult classes.

That being said we are happy to take children onto our classes if they are accompanied by an adult who also pays for ticket.

We do offer private handbuilding sessions for 4+ people so you can always contact us directly to see if we could arrange a daytime slot for you and your kids. You can email us HERE

Yes we do, but our avaliability is fairly limited due to all of our other classes. We do sometimes have room for parties on Sundays, and in the new year Saturday afternoons will become available. Get in touch with us via email to enquire here: EMAIL US

Your work is ready for collection in the following time frames:

Clay club : 2 weeks

Ceramics Taster : 3 - 4 weeks

Wheel lessons : 3 - 4 weeks

Wheel Rental : depends on size and stage your work is at.

Firing Service : depends on size, type of programme you wanted to use and stage your work is at.

We email you or contact you via Yuup to let you know that your work has been competed. Sometimes our email can end up in your spam folder so please remeber to check there before contacting us directly.

We promise to hold onto your pottery for you for 3 months. After 3 months has passed from the date of your session we cant promise that we will still have it, but it is always worth making the trip down to see. We have to do clear outs of older pottery regularly as our studio is fairly small - but we generally dont do this every three months, just when we have a big build up. This means that we sometimes have items in our storage for slighty longer.

We will not be able to identify your items over the phone for you - it will require you to come and find them in person.

Nothing, unless you would like to!

We provide disposable aprons, but would reccomend wearing something you dont mind getting a little messy in just in case. Terracotta has been known to stain white - so try to avoid wearing that.

You may want to bring along your oen tools if you have them at home, or even glazes - especially if you are attending Mud Club. But please make sure you check that your materials will interact with our materials first if you plan to combine them. Someone in store should be able to advise you and if not you can always call or email Alice directly.

We use Earthenware tempuratures for all of our workshops and so fire to a low temperature of 1060°c

You will generally have a choice of terracotta, peach and white clay - depending on what we have in stock - to use at your sessions.

We have a large range of slip and also glaze colours for you to use to decorate your work.

All of our glazes are brush on! We do not use dip glazes at our studio.

We sell vouchers for our classes through a 3rd party called YUUP. All you need to do is go into the system as if you were booking normally and select the button underneath that says "gift this experience".

Yuup will then provide you with a voucher that your giftee can use to be redeemed against any of our upcoming dates.

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