Rent a Wheel

Calling all makers! Head over to Trylla's quirky Bristol pottery studio, use our potter's wheel and throw to your heart's content! 

In this experience, you'll have a whole hour to use our wheel and make whatever you want. Use as much of our materials as you need. We will ask you for £5 at the end if you would like to fire your work.

  • Alice, owner of ceramics studio Trylla Bristol, shaping a small vase on a pottery wheel

    Make what you want

    This is an untaught session so you'll need some experience on the wheel, but you will be let loose to make anything you like! Explore your imagination and see what you can create.

  • Two pottery wheels with vases set up on a table at Trylla Bristol, with shelves of paints in the background

    Access all areas!

    You will have access to all of our materials, tools and equipment for the session, as well as our huge variety of slips for decorating your work. We'll even fire the finished product for you.

What to expect

► 1 hour on Trylla's studio’s RK-5T SHIMPO tabletop wheel

► 30 minutes for you to decorate what you made with Trylla's selection of coloured slips

► As much earthenware clay as you need in either terracotta or white

► Firing of your pieces to bisque

► 15 minutes of set up time and 15 minutes of clean down time at the end

► Tuition is not included, so you will need to know how to use a pottery wheel independently

When can I rent it?

We have three sessions per day where the wheel is available to rent :

Session 1 runs from 12:00 - 14:00

Session 2 runs from 15:00 - 17:00

Session 3 runs from 18:30 - 20:30

Session 1 available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Session 2 available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Session 3 available only Wednesday

contact us by phone to book a daytime session.

Wheel Rental FAQs

This is a tabletop wheel and so it can be moved closer or further away from you as you work. It is electric and uses a lever to adjust the speed - making it much easier to use than a wheel that has a foot pedal. The wheel has removable batts, so you won’t accidentally warp your thrown pots as you slide them off the wheel head!

Of course! You will have the use of all the studio tools, wheel batts or whatever else you might need, but feel free to bring your own along.

This is ideal for throwing small to medium pots. (You may struggle if you are throwing 4kgs or more.)

The price shown covers the cost of all of your materials and use of the wheel. We ask you to pay a firing fee of £5 at the end of the session if you would like to get your items fired with us.

Absolutely yes. This is an untaught session so you will need to be able to use the wheel undirected and unaided.

There will be a studio technichian at the studio for the duration of your session but they may not neccesarrily be able to use the wheel very well - all potters have different specialities!

- Please arrive on time for your booking so that you will be ready to start on time for your slot. Wear clothes you don't mind getting messy

- You will need to leave the wheel, bats, tools and splash pan completely clean after use, you have 15 minutes allocated to do this

- You are required to cover the cost of any damage caused to the equipment that occurs while you are using it. This includes the wheel, splash pan, and any tools or wheel bats you might use