Wheel Lessons

Our private workshops for one or two people. Alice will teach you the basics of throwing on the pottery wheel. You'll leave with a bunch of new skills and a (lovely) handmade pot.

Ever wanted to experiment with creating your own ceramics?

You'll start with how to centre the clay and then move the wheel to form small pots. Using a ‘practice pot’ guided by Alice, you’ll then move on to creating pots in turn to perfect your throwing skills.

If there’s time, you’ll also be able to decorate your pots in your choice of coloured clay slip before leaving them with us to fire.

  • Alice, owner of ceramics studio Trylla Bristol, shaping a small vase on a pottery wheel

    Private tuition with an expert

    Alice has 4 years experience teaching people how to use the wheel, and 10 years of experience with pottery. She'll guide you from start to finish through the throwing process, with hands on help all the way.

  • Two pottery wheels with vases set up on a table at Trylla Bristol, with shelves of paints in the background

    we've got everything you need

    We'll provide all the tools and equipment you'll need to make a great pot, as well as a vast array of paints and glazes for the perfect finishing touches. We'll even fire the finished product for you.

Wheel sessions

We run private wheel classes weekly on:

Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Friday evenings from 18:00 - 20:00

Saturday daytimes from 12:00 - 14:00

Wheel Lesson FAQs

the main difference between our two people classes and one person classes is how in-depth we are able to go in terms of teaching you technique.

In the 2 perosn class, although we will show you all of the basics our main goal for the session is to give you a fun introduction to the wheel and make some cool pots! its a great session to attend with a pal, family member or even a date (wit woo).

In the 1 person class our main focus is really nailing down the technique. Its possible to throw upto 4 pots in this session and so that gives you a chance to practice practice practice. We have the ability to experiment with a few different shapes, and problemshoot anything that comes up. If you have previous experience we can perfect your technique or focus on moving onto more intermidiete shapes.

Absolutely not! Alice is well used to teaching beginners as well as people who have worked on the wheel before. If you are new to it as a process she will guide you through all of the different sections- so no worries.

if you already have experience we are happy to give you more intermediate help.

We limit our classes to 2 people maximum as any more than that and it's very difficult for us to make sure you are gaining enough personal teaching time. It is really important for us that you leave the session with a good grasp of how throwing on the pottery wheel works, and for this you need to have our undivided attention.

With two of you we can keep a close watch on what you are making and correct any mistakes as they arrise.

In the past we have had quite a few people who have come to us after having been in a much larger class and feeling like they didnt really get a good grasp of how to throw, and so we believe ourselves to be on the right track by limiting our numbers.

Nope, the price covers the cost of all of your materials and firing