Daytime Workspace

Like hot desking... but also for pottery! Trylla brings you a brand new way of working on your projects at our daytime co-working space. Work on pottery or something else - its up to you.

Do you need somewhere to work?

We want our workspace full of creatives during the daytime and you need somewhere to get stuff DONE right?

Trylla is the perfect place to get inspired, get that brain into gear and get your tasks done.


You want to work on ceramics?

Bag a two-hour Clay Club session to create whatever you like using our materials, tools, equipment and desk space.

You want to work on something else?

Book in with us to use our desk space for £5 an hour

  • A person sculpting a clay bust of a man at ceramics studio Trylla Bristol

    Desk space for days!

    6 foot long tables and a wall full of windows - can you imagine a better space for working on your latest ceramics project? We'll provide a dreamy day-lit atmosphere so you can let the rest of the world fall away and focus, focus, focus.

  • Shelves of crafting and ceramics supplies on sale at Trylla Bristol

    Everything you need

    Obviously we have everything you need to make the ceramics of your dreams, but our craft shop also sells anything you might be missing for non pottery based projects. We have studio staples on hand like scissors, plain paper, cellotape and well... staples.

Wide angle shot of the ceramics workspace and supply shop at Trylla Bristol

How does it work?

To rent our desk space get in touch with us by email to book. We charge £5 an hour for half of one of our 6 foot long tables.

If you would like to attend a Clay Club bear in mind that it is not a taught session, so you will need to have prior experience of working with clay.

We do have a resident studio hand available during your session should you have any burning questions, but they will have a variety of skill sets. If they don't have the answer you need we also have a wide variety of books available for you to look through.

Daytime sessions

We run two sessions per day at Trylla which can be used for Clay Club or desk rental.

Session 1 starts at 12:00 and finishes at 14:30

Session 2 starts at 15:00 and finishes at 17:30

Daytime Session FAQs

Hot-desking involves a number of different people sharing the same workspace on a rotational basis. This often means a desk in an office - but here at Trylla, we decided to offer hot-desking for potters and creatives instead!

Our daytimes are designed to give you open access to our tools, equipment and desk space. So that you can work on your projects and ideas at your own pace.

You might even meet some other artists while you are there who you can bounce ideas around with.

You will have two hours to hand build whatever you like using our materials, tools and desk space.

Maybe you might work on a few different projects over a couple of sessions, or perhaps you just have one project in mind that you want to make. Whatever you create during your session can be left with us at the studio to be fired once it has completely dried out.

Please don't forget to name your work so you can find it again once it has been fired.

Clay Club is not a taught lesson - you will need to have prior experience of working with clay, as you will be left to your own devices.

You will have access to a resident potter during your session who will be using the space to work on their own projects and complete small bits of studio matinence. Should you have any burning questions you can ask them. However please bear in mind they may not know the answer. Each of our potters will have a very personal and specific way of working - just like any artist - so they may not have the exact knowlege base you need.

As always you are welcome to come in to the studio on a Friday daytime to chat to our head technician Alice. She has the most experience in our team and a fairly expansive knowledge base on the world of ceramics if you need answers!

You can pick from a selection of: ice white, terracotta or peach grog clay to use to make your work. Or do feel free to buy different types of clay from our shop or bring your own clay along with you.

When you are ready to decorate, you will have access to a huge selection of coloured slips, oxides, underglaze paints, jazzy speciality glazes and transparent topcoat to decorate your work.

The studio uses predominantely Earthenware clays and so our underglazes and jazzy speciality glazes are designed to be used at that temperature. Our slips, and oxides will go to stoneware temperatures, and we can also provide you with a stoneware transparent topcoat too.

Feel free to bring in your own glazes and clays to the studio but please make sure you can give us a firing range for whatever materials you bring - you will need to clear anything you bring with our head tech Alice before firing.

No, using the pottery wheel is not easy, you would either need to have previous experience using the weel or to be guided by a teacher.

If you have previous experience and would like to use one for a few hours of we rent them individually in a separate session HERE