A versatile, general purpose clay suitable for thrown and hand built work where a fine smooth surface is desired. Economically priced, it has excellent strength and handling qualities. Highly recommended for practicing and refining your technique because of its cheap cost and versatility. It fires to a pale peach/buff at earthenware darkening at stoneware temperatures to a light brown.

Available for COLLECTION ONLY from the studio in Bedminster, Bristol - as due to the weight I cannot currently post this item.

Before using, clay should be kneaded to ensure that the moisture content is even and to expel any air bubbles. Always avoid using the clay straight from the bag, as this can result in warping and cracking as there could be inconsistencies of softer and harder clay.

I would always advise to test how your clays and glazes interact with each other but I know this clay to work well with Duncan and Gare glazes.