C6 Pro Series Stoneware glaze - Winter Green

C6 Pro Series Stoneware glaze - Winter Green

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236ml Tub

Suggested firing temp of 1230°C

Cone 6 Professional Series Winter Green Glaze is a semi opaque green glaze with a variety of colour shades giving a unique look every time it's fired. When applied thick it tends to give a frosty green colour and pools with subtle warm yellow hues.

When applied thinner on porcelain it can look like a transparent Celadon green and when on stonewares it can give a greyish green hue. Fire it to cone 5 for a more matte surface! This glaze looks great in electric kilns as well as gas. It can run if fired over cone 6. Winter Green forms beautiful crystals when slowly cooled.

Recommended application is dipping or spraying, but brushing will work, as well.

Cone 6 glazes are lead free and non toxic.