• The INKY make a JUMBO worm Kit
  • The INKY make a JUMBO worm Kit
  • The INKY make a JUMBO worm Kit
  • The INKY make a JUMBO worm Kit
  • The INKY make a JUMBO worm Kit

The INKY make a JUMBO worm Kit

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Ever wanted to make your own squishy sexy loveable worm? OMG now you can.

You can now make one of Alice’s toy designs from the comfort of your own home. The kits includes all the materials you will need to make your new worm friend as well as a 5 page walkthrough of how to create your worm step by step. The fabric you will be using is a hand dyed cotton blend and you will receive some fabric dye so that you can decorate your fabric with a pattern of your choice before making it up into your worm.

Your completed worm will measure 49cm in length and 10cm in width. You have all the things you need in this kit to hand stitch your worm together but you could also use a sewing machine to do this. If you wanted to use the machine you would just need to be familiar with how to do a straight stitch.

The kit includes 5 different sets of dolls eyes, and because the mouth is embroidered on - this means you have the option to design your own face for your worm. You could make him happy or sad or angry or thoughtful, it’s totally up to you!

Your worm kit includes:

  • A 5 page printed out how to guide + paper pattern

  • Hand dyed pink cotton mix fabric for the worm body

  • Pink felt

  • Set of cute heart head pins

  • Set of sewing needles in different sizes

  • Stick of chalk

  • A pencil

  • A bobbin of black embroidery thread + a bobbin of pink thread

  • Small bottle of fabric dye

  • Worm guts (wadding to stuff your worm)

  • 5 sets of doll eyes + 2 noses

  • A cute bonus gift, coz why not! ( A Get a hobby! button badge )

The finished item is an Art Doll / intended for display - it is not a toy. This means it is not suitable for use in Play or for use by children.